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With a strong passion for face-to-face interactions, I hold a solid history of building and maintaining strong relationships with customers. We have renewed our services to provide a more holistic experience. We offer social media full-management, branding, website creation, social media advertising together with the original service of creating a Google Street-View Tour of your business. Additionally, we optimize and manage your Google My Business page to improve your local ranking. In brief, you will no longer lose sleep over being on Google and being creative and posting on Facebook and Instagram. We'll do it for you. 

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I create and publish your social media posts, while you focus on successfully running your business.

Formerly known as Panorama by Paty Sesma, we have been in business since 2013. We started off as a Street View Tour provider, but we have recently grown our business and upgraded our services. 

My name is Paty Sesma; I enrolled in the Google Business View program back in 2013. I earned the Google Trusted Photographer certification and created a whole lot of 360-degree virtual tours for businesses in Austin, Texas. This opportunity allowed me to identify areas of opportunities in which some establishments were too busy running their business and couldn't (or wouldn't) dedicate time to promote their places on social platforms. This is how I decided to jump in and partner with them. I am focused on building a strong business relationship with managerial men and women to do the job for them. We have been working together for almost seven years now, and...so far, so good!

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