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We offer creative strategy, social media management, paid social advertising, branding, website design, website optimization, graphic design, photo and video shooting, Yelp and Google My Business management. 

Places by Paty Sesma

Unique Presence

Either if you need a personal site, an eCommerce site, a Blog, or portfolio, you will stand out with the best website designs!

White Rocks


Your followers will be excited to see what I post next on your Facebook and Instagram. They will fully engage with your brand.

More Sales

Paid advertising grows your brand. I run the most effective ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Yelp.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Places by Paty Sesma is expanding towards design & printing services. 

This is a dream I have been endeavoring for over a year. Tints by Paty Sesma is the most artistic side of my business. It is here where I use my creativity to discover a purposeful voice for my clients' businesses. The main goal is to help them establish a humanistic side of their corporation to carry a mission that empowers and connects more thoroughly with their customers.


Through TINTS, Places by Paty Sesma aims to build a strong community around my clients' brands because this is a very important part of their business success. 

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Tints by Paty Sesma

T-shirt designs with empowering tints.


People by Paty Sesma

Inspirational talks with memorable people.

Through Places by Paty Sesma, Paty has been very lucky to meet very inspirational business owners.

This is the human experience of Places by Paty Sesma. Here is where we meet the people behind the businesses.

I have been holding some wonderful talks with the business owners that I have been able to work with. These hard workers are the people who have made the Lone Star state of Texas a leading state in job creation for the last 10 years. These are the people who have turned the label "Made In Texas" into a powerful label. I am honored to interview them and share their life & success stories with my followers through my IGTV channel @placesbypatysesma.

"Your achievements of today are your Instagram stories for tomorrow." — Paty Sesma

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